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Abide Journal.org is a ministry devoted to youth. It is an avenue for members of our generation to share their faith in Jesus Christ. It is a place to encourage, challenge, and testify. Abide Journal.org is an extension of the magazine "Abide Journal."

Free subscriptions are available on request, and back issues are available here. We are currently developing many areas of this site, so please be patient.

We are working hard to make all our archives available. As you can see, we've still got a lot to do. We'd love to hear your ideas for Abide's website!

Brief Overview

Abide Journal was founded by Josiah Rocke and Tyler Griffin in November of 2000. Tyler and Josiah met at a week-long Bible conference for youth. While talking, they both felt there was a lack of serious Christian magazines for youth to share their thoughts, needs, and experiences in. Abide was founded with these goals in mind.

Our first issue was printed in December of 2000, and was mailed to little more than 40 subscribers. Shortly afterward, Andrew Rocke joined the editorial team. As we have grown, we have used many programs, printers, and designs. We have also gotten to work with some wonderful artists, poets, and writers. We currently have six staff members and over 500 subscribers.

Contact Information

Complete contact information can be found on the Contact Information Page.

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