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our hearts

Our Hearts: From The Staff

Date: Winter/Spring 2005

The Classics: The Uncritical Temper by Oswald Chambers
Devotional: Meditations on Psalm 107 by Rebecca Rocke (Kramer)
Devotional: My Heart to Yours by John Pazdziora
Poetry: A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Teaching: You Might be a Sadducee if... by Eric Pazdziora
Teaching: The Appeal to Religion by Andrew Rocke
Testimony: An Interview with the Editors by Josiah Rocke & Tyler Griffin

new covenant

It Is Finished: The New Covenant

Print Date: Summer 2004

Biographical Sketch: Stayed Upon Jehovah—Francis Ridley Havergal by Eric Pazdziora
The Classics:
The New Covenant by Andrew Murray
The Classics: Three Things to Ponder by Octavius Winslow
Devotional: It Is Finished—A Theological View from Classic Hymns by Andrew Rocke
Poetry: Reality by George MacDonald & Return by John Patrick Pazdziora
Short Story: The Iris by John Patrick Pazdziora
Testimony: A Beloved Son by Tyler Griffin

abide rest

Abiding In Christ: Rest For Your Souls

Print Date: Summer/Fall 2003

Book Review: Peace In the Midst of Pain by Tyler Griffin
The Classics: Rest For Your Souls by Andrew Murray
Devotional: The Bush & The Tree by John Patrick Pazdziora
Devotional: Thoughts From the Editor by Andrew Rocke
Hymn History: Jesus, I Am Resting by Eric Pazdziora
Short Stories: Where Peace Rests by Joanna Marini
Teaching: Come Ye Apart and Rest by Jesse Estes

children's ministry

Ministering to Children

Print Date: Spring 2003

Biographical Sketch: D. L. Moody—Evangelist Extraodinaire by Andrew Rocke
Devotional: Three Essential Qualities by Molly Jo Cassidy
Teaching: Why Should I? by Josiah Rocke
Testimony: Let the Little Children Come—An Interview With Ruth Sundquist
Testimony: Called to Be A Missionary? by Tyler Griffin
Testimony: Tuesday Night Church by Kimberly Nolt


Agape Love

Print Date: Winter 2003

Biographical Sketch: Conquering Love—The Story of Vanya Mosivev by Tyler Griffin
Book Review: Making Brothers & Sisters Best Friends by John Patrick Padziora
The Classics: The Fruit of The Spirit Is Love by Andrew Murray
Crossed Love by Josiah Rocke
Hymn History: The Love of God by Andrew Rocke
Short Story: The Hermitage by Jogn Pazdziora
Teaching: This is Love by John Pazdziora



Print Date: Fall 2002

Biographical Sketch: Oswald Chambers—Preacher, Teacher, Mystic, Man by Josiah Rocke
Book Review: Beauty for Ashes by Anna Maas
The Classics: The Release of the Spirit by Watchman Nee
Hymn History: Deeper and Deeper I Go by Andrew Rocke
Short Story: The Tale of A Pot by an unknown author
Teaching: Beautiful Brokenness by Tyler Griffin
Testimony: On Death and Baby Shoes by John Patrick Pazdziora

soul winning

Soul Winning

Print Date: Summer 2002

Biographical Sketch: John "Praying" Hyde by Tyler Griffin
Book Review: Just What the Doctor Ordered by Josiah Rocke
Hymn History: Rescue the Perishing by Andrew Rocke
Short Story: A Little Old Man on George Street by David Smethurst
Teaching: Personal Witnessing—How Did Jesus Do It? by Ray Comfort
Teaching: That They Might Know by John Patrick Pazdziora



Print Date: Summer 2002

Biographical Sketch: Jim Elliot—Surrendered Unto Death by Andrew Tieman
Book Review: Hidden Rainbow by Josiah Rocke
The Classics: A Desirable Service by Charles Spurgeon
Hymn History: Have I Done Me Best For Jesus? by Andrew Rocke
Teaching: The Struggle to Consecrate by Tyler Griffin
Testimony: His Thoughts & My Thoughts by Melissa Lentz


Abiding at Home: The Test of Servanthood

Print Date: Spring 2002

Biographical Sketch: Gladys Aylward—The Walk of Faith by Tyler Griffin
Book Review: George Mueller of Bristol by Caleb Rocke
The Classics: As You Came to Him, By Faith by Andrew Murray
Devotional: A Meditation on Hebrews 11 by Josiah Rocke
Hymn History: Standing on the Promises by Andrew Rocke


Abiding at Home: The Test of Servanthood

Print Date: Winter 2002

Book Review: Princess in Calico by Katrina Oberholtzer
Devotional: Prerequisites for Serving by Caleb Rocke
Devotional: Developing a Servant's Heart by Rebecca Rocke
Hymn History: I Need Thee Every Hour by Andrew Rocke
Teaching:The Ten Most Humble People & How I Met the Other Nine by Dru Lattin
Teaching: Serving Mothers—Practical Helps by Allison Payette
Testimony: His Grace Is Sufficient by Yolanda Halteman


People Need the Lord

Print Date: Fall/Winter 2001

Biographical Sketch: Amy Carmichael—Whatever It Takes by Tyler Griffin
Book Review: Only a Servant by Josiah Rocke
Devotional: Saved By A Song by Richard Wheeler
Hymn History: Brighten the Corner by Andrew Rocke
Teaching: Evangelization at Home by Joseph Kauffman
Testimony:Seek First the Kingdom of God by Lee Stauffer


The Unfinished Task

Print Date: Summer/Fall 2001

Biographical Sketch: James Hudson Taylor—The Christian & Missions by Josiah Rocke
Devotional: Ready to Do His Will! by Lisa Weaver
Hymn History: The Ninety and Nine by Andrew Rocke
Poem: Seeking Reality by Andrew Rocke
Teaching: The Unfinished Task by Tyler Griffin
A Place to Grow by Shawn Halteman; God's School for Me by Andrea Halteman




Print Date: Summer 2001

Biographical Sketch: Samuel Morris by Tyler Griffin
Book Review: How to Pray by R. A. Torrey
The Classics: Hinderances to Prayer by R. A. Torrey
Devotional: Insights From Our Readers
Teaching: No Substitutes Accepted by A. W. Tozer
Testimony: The Testimony of Eric Hanson

abide in christ

Abiding In Christ & The Importance of the Quiet Time

Print Date: Spring 2001

Biographical Sketch: Andrew Murray by Tyler Griffin
Book Review: Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray
The Classics: Abiding in Christ At This Moment by Andrew Murray
Hymn History: Hiding in Thee by Andrew Rocke
Teaching: Abiding in Practical Terms by Keith Daniel
Testimony: The Testimony of Josiah Rocke

pilot issue

A Journal For Christian Youth?

Print Date: Winter 2001

Biographical Sketch: Bruchko—Bruce Olson, Missionary to the Motilones by Tyler Griffin
Editorial: A Christian Journal for Youth? A Letter from the Editor
Hymn History: Abide With Me by Andrew Rocke
Poem: The Cry of My Heart by Tyler Griffin
Teaching: A Life of Constant Triumph by Zac Poonen

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